Welcome to the Big Issue Grappler - a free decision support tool that brings governance, probity and ethical considerations to your BIG decision. BIG can help you to eliminate risk up front, as part of the decision process, rather than be left with more problems to solve from failing to get the decision right in the first place. Before you make your BIG decision, let BIG help you exercise due diligence by examining the impact of your decision on others based on:

  • your own values
  • your community's values and/or
  • your organisation's values

What BIG does

  • brings structure to decision making
  • prompts assessment of relevant generic ethical values
  • encourages a probity and reality check
  • helps identify risks to manage before the decision is implemented
  • documents how the decision was made

What BIG cannot do

  • tell you what action to take
  • give a single right or wrong answer
  • take away responsibility for the action taken

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